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Re: [ITP] Questions

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According to Tim O'Callaghan on 11/18/2005 4:04 AM:
> I'd like to ask a few quick questions before i send my formal ITP's
> 1) should i send a separate ITP email for each one or one for all of them?

If they are for related packages, one email will do (look at yesterday's
upload request for multiple xemacs packages, for example).

> 2) bundling - If i need to include a new tool/lib to support a particular feature
>    such as String::ShellQuote or CVSps, should i bundle it in or separate it out?
>     are there guidelines?

If the feature is useful on its own, it is worth considering a separate
package.  But as the package proposer, you have some freedom here to do
what you think is best, then you can ask for some feedback as to whether
your proposed layout actually made sense.

> 3) If a package needs a specific tool to build it, such as asciidoc being needed for 
>    git documentation, does it also need to be supported or not? if so does it need
>    to be bundled with the source, or as a separate package?

In general, we like the ability to reproduce a build using cygwin
packages.  This has not always been the case, but cygwin is now
self-sustaining enough that you can rebuild almost all cygwin packages
using just cygwin (cross-compiling would be hands down faster, but it is
the principle of the thing).  I would consider proposing asciidoc as a
separate package, again because it might prove useful outside of git.

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