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Re: [ITP] perl-Tk

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Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes wrote:
> At the risk of incurring Corinna's wrath, I second the request.  I'd like
> to see someone submit an X-less perl-Tk package too, with support in both
> for alternatives.

Here are the issues:

1) Two ports of perl-Tk, one X11 and one Win32, *will* collide with each
other, and may lead to more confusion from the end users.

2) Since, the Win32 build has been broken on Cygwin, whereas the
X11 build works with a minor patch (to fix an assumption that Cygwin is
using Win32).

3) The fact that tcltk is Win32 (as stated numerous times in the past,
the reason being to support insight) does not mean that perl-Tk need be
Win32 as well.

4) Even regarding tcltk, there's been discussion recently on finding a
way to make the primary installation Unix/X11 and a secondary Win32
version for insight.

Considering all the above, I found it most feasible to package *one*
perl-Tk, based on X11, and I have yet to see a convicing argument otherwise.

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