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"submission rules page" proposal number 3

OK, I now imported the "rest of the page" and I am working at the
following address:

I also used HTML Tidy to correct most of those 43 parsing errors that
W3C Validator threw at me. And checked manually the rest.

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> - The list of acceptable categories comes from the
>, not from Debian.  Adding a new package
> requires discussion here first.
"A new category" I guess you meant? I added a link to the relevant section.
> 5) When you get the "uploaded" confirmation, send an immediate note to
>   cygwin-announce.
BTW: right now all the emails are in clear and using fixed-font.
I guess we sould either convert them to mailto: hrefs or "hide" the @ in
some way.
I mean: either we decide not to avoid spam in this way (I'm for this)
and do the complete linking thing, or we actively avoid that: I doubt
any spammer that parses mailto:s avoid parsing the text of the page
itself for probable email addresses.
> Other than that this is nearly GTG, I think.
Give me some comments on the whole page, now that I imported all the rest.
It changed appeareance a bit, now that it is valid (X)HTML, but I tried
to emulate the old visual behaviour adding a couple CSS rules.


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