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Re: Updated: coreutils-5.93-2 [Attn base-files maintainer]

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According to John Morrison on 1/21/2006 10:09 AM:
>>I think it would be fair for me to release coreutils-5.93-3 with
>>/etc/DIR_COLORS belonging to the coreutils package instead of base-files.
>>But that means we will need to coordinate the upload, so that the window
>>of time between when base-files removes the file and coreutils supplies
>>the file is minimized.
> Agreed.  I'll probably have a new package prepared by tonight, but to be
> on the safe side, how about if, in the [UPLOAD] request we ask that it not
> be done until the other package upload request is sent?

coreutils-5.93-3 now provides /etc/defaults/etc/DIR_COLORS.  I will leave
it in test until your version of base-files is ready for upload.  Be sure
that when you send the announcement to cygwin-announce that you remind
users of the potential of completely losing the file if they upgrade
coreutils before base-files; a cygcheck -c will show if either package is
incomplete and needs to be reinstalled.

An unrelated comment:  Due to reinstating su.exe, coreutils now depends on
crypt.  To date, no package in Base has had a dependency on crypt, so the
new coreutils does increase the size of the minimal cygwin install.  Speak
up now if anyone has heartburn with this.

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