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Re: [ITP] util-linux

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According to Yaakov S (Cygwin Ports) on 2/28/2006 4:01 PM:
> Following up on a recent discussion on the main list, I have gone
> through util-linux-2.12r and compiled as much as possible, giving me the
> following, all with gettext support:

I'm all for the idea, on the ones that actually work...

> 2) clear and reset, already marked _obsolete, are also included here.
> These don't collide with ncurses, however, since these versions are
> scripts and ncurses are .exe's.

No.  With Corinna's patch to add CYGWIN=transparent_exe option, we are
asking for problems if we distribute a script alongside an exe.  (I've
been meaning to check for any other violations of the idea of providing
more than one file in the set {foo, foo.exe, foo.lnk, foo.exe.lnk}, since
I would like to see transparent_exe gain more light).

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