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Re: [ITP] util-linux

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Charles Wilson wrote:
> Two choices: "port" these (few?) additional programs to cygutils (e.g.
> so they too link against installed libintl3, use #include <common.h>
> which is properly autoconf-guarded instead of hard-including a bunch of
> stuff, etc).  Or, remove the current versions from cygutils and let the
> OP take 'em.

util-linux now uses the system libintl by default, and I manually
generate the defines.h and make_include files, assuming that all
requirements are installed.  (The built-in 'configure', which is not
autoconf, produces bogus results.)

> So, the big question here is: exactly how many new utilities are we
> talking about here, that actually *work* on cygwin (rather than just
> compile)?  5?  10?  1?  Dunno -- the OP will have to answer that.  Then
> we can have a more informed discussion.

AFAICS now, I'm down to the following:

agetty fsck.cramfs fsck.minix mkfs.bfs mkfs.cramfs mkfs mkfs.minix
mkswap sln

/bin and /usr/bin:
arch cal chkdupexe col colcrt colrm column ddate getopt hexdump isosize
line look mcookie more namei pg rename renice rev script scriptreplay
setsid setterm tailf ul whereis

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