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Re: [ITP] util-linux

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
Well, call it objections... I can't quite see the benfit of mkswap and
the fsck resp. mkfs backends in the Cygwin distro.  You know what will
happen, don't you?  We have already people once in a while asking if
Cygwin can access, say, ext2 filesystems, but these tools add a new type
of confusion, along the lines of "I created a swap (bfs, minix)
partition but I can't mount it in Cygwin.  Cygwin is bOrked." Do we
really want that?

I hear your point, but how much must we oversimplify things for those end-users that don't know what their doing? We already have e2fsprogs; did that contribute to this problem, or is it just that people always think Cygwin can do everything that Linux can (don't we wish!)?

I have never a problem if somebody takes over maintainership for one
of my packages ;-)

However, would you mind to test if setsid still *needs* the patches
I made?  They were necessarey way back when, but the changed console
handling in Cygwin might make them unnecessary.

AFAICS, the patch is still necessary.


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