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Re: [PATCH] setup: fix abnormal exit test for postinstall scripts

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Igor Peshansky wrote:
> On Thu, 16 Mar 2006, Max Bowsher wrote:
> Speaking of in-use DLLs, did you have a chance to look at
> <>?

OK, I'll have a look.

>> So, I think we should always rename preremove scripts, because we
>> certainly don't want a failed preremove script to be removed by the
>> later file-removal phase - it might be wanted for debugging.
> I would even go one step further, and cancel the uninstall of the current
> package and all packages it depends on if the preremove failed.  But
> that should be a separate patch.
>> As for postinstall scripts ... I think ideally it would be a separate
>> operation (c.f. 'dpkg --configure --pending'), but I guess we can go
>> with the simple solution for now, and defer a more complex solution
>> until someone has the inclination.
> So, does this mean "please check in"?

I'd like preremove scripts to be renamed on failure. But, OK, you check
in as-is, and I'll follow-up with a change for that.


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