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Re: ITP: rxvt-W

On Tue, 21 Mar 2006, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> On Mar 21 02:34, Charles Wilson wrote:
> > So, long term plan:
> >   (1) obsolete the current rxvt package (maybe not "officially" put
> >       it in the _obsolete category, but it's still on Corinna's
> >       missing-maintainer list, so...)
> >   (2) rxvt-unicode-X and rxvt-unicode-W packages, installed
> >       side-by-side.
> >
> > Medium term plan:
> >   (1) keep using current rxvt package for native windows
> >   (2) provide rxvt-unicode-X for X-based operation -- see earlier ITP
> >   (3) provide libW11, libXpm-W11, and [broken]rxvt-W which uses them.
> >       Keep banging on libW11 and rxvt-W until it works as good as
> >       current rxvt.  Hope others help.
> >   (4) provide rxvt-W and rxvt-unicode-X installed side-by-side,
> >       obsoleting current rxvt completely
> >
> > Medium-Long term plan
> >   (1) provide [broken]rxvt-unicode-W side by side with working rxvt-W
> >       and rxvt-unicode-X.
> >   (2) Bang some more on libW11 and rxvt-unicode-W until it works as well
> >       as rxvt-W (even if it doesn't actually support *unicode*, per se).
> >   (3) replace rxvt-W with rxvt-unicode-W
> Sounds like a good plan, but...
> do you plan to replace the old rxvt functionality from the user's
> perspective?  This I don't see in your description.  So far the user can
> call just "rxvt" and gets what the DISPLAY variable suggests.  With
> rxvt-unicode you will get two binaries which can't (or rather,
> shouldn't) use the same name.  Will "rxvt" in the long term be the X11
> version or the W11 version?  Or will rxvt become a wrapper script
> calling the "right" version depending on the DISPLAY setting to maintain
> the current usability?

That shouldn't be hard.  The current rxvt is pretty simple-minded about
when it uses native mode.  In particular, it tests for $DISPLAY (or the
-display argument) being empty or exactly ":0", and runs in native mode,
otherwise it tries to connect to an X server on that display.  This could
be easily implemented in a wrapper script that parses the options and the
value of $DISPLAY and exec's rxvt-unicode-W or rxvt-unicode-X.
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