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Re: [ITP] gmp-4.2 and mpfr-2.2

Billinghurst, David (CALCRTS) wrote:

I have packaged gmp-4.2 and mpfr-2.2.0.  The current gmp maintainer Lapo Luchini
is happy for me to offer these for review and take over as maintainer if
they are acceptable.

Thanks for doing this.

The new cygmpfr1.dll is not binary compatible with the current cygmpfr0.dll.
How should this be managed? Should I provide a libmpfr0 package that just contains the existing cygmpfr0.dll?

Yes. What I would suggest is the following:

Get the current gmp-4.1.4-2 binary package.
Unpack usr/bin/cygmpfr-0.dll from it.
Package that file into libmpfr0-4.1.4-3.tar.bz2

Get the currrent gmp-4.1.4-2-src source package
Rename it libmpfr0-4.1.4-3-src.

And there you have it. Sure, downloading and unpacking "libmpfr0-4.1.4-3-src" and following its build instructions won't get you the exact package libmpfr0-4.1.4-3.tar.bz2 -- but it WILL get you the exact cygmpfr-0.dll -- and that's all that's truly necessary in this case.

Anyway, that's the procedure I use whenever I "bump" a DLL number but have to keep the old dll in the distribution (and guarantee that the source used to create THAT dll is also kept in the distribution, maintaining GPL happiness).


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