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Re: orpie: change setup.hint; do I need to bump the version number?

On Mon, Jul 24, 2006 at 05:03:41PM -0400, wrote:
>I need to correct the setup.hint for orpie.  orpie depends on gsl, which
>used to depend explicitly on lapack, but doesn't any more.  But orpie
>still needs it.  So now I need to add the dependence on lapack to
>Question:  if I just post the new setup.hint for upload, is that enough
>to cause setup to recognize the new dependency?  Or do I need to release
>a new version of orpie in order to force a new installation and bring
>lapack along with it?

I don't think there's any need to bump the version.  If someone has a broken
installation now, you'd have to tell them to download lapack, which is fine.
If you bumped the version, then they'd be downloading both orpie and lapack
and the only thing that really changed was that they'd now have lapack on
their system.  I don't think that's a win.

I added lapack to orpies requires line:

requires: cygwin gsl lapack libncurses8


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