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Re: RXVT doesn't recognize ALT + Cursor keys

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
neither recognize Alt + Cursor, nor Ctrl + Cursor keys for me.
scratch that, I was confused.

I misinterpreted -- after seeing this message, I thought you had solved the problem entirely. I haven't read the mailing list messages today yet, so I missed the stuff below...

As vi user I'm not a real emacs person.  I'm using the cursor keys a lot
in tcsh, especially to scroll through the history, so it's quite helpful
to do all moving using the cursor keys in tcsh, imho.

In the meantime I found that Cygwin's rxvt when running under X *does*
recognize ALT + Cursor keys, and the escape codes are identical to rxvt
under Linux.

So, the question is this: Why does rxvt not recognize ALT + Cursor keys
in Cygwin in native Windows mode?

I was going to look for this problem myself, but I'm not able to build rxvt from source:

  $ cygport rxvt-20050409-4 compile
   gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DHAVE_LIBXPM -O2 -pipe -DDEBUG_STRICT -I/home/corinna/src/rxvt/rxvt-20050409-4/build/W11/X11 -I/home/corinna/src/rxvt/rxvt-20050409-4/build/W11 -I.. -I/home/corinna/src/rxvt/rxvt-20050409-4/src/rxvt/src -I. -c command.c -o command.o
  In file included from command.c:49:
  rxvt.h:58:19: xpm.h: No such file or directory

The file /usr/include/X11/xpm.h is present on my system, there's no
special xpm.h in the rxvt sources.

What am I doing wrong? Is it some sort of build dependency I'm missing?

Yes -- you need a patched cygport. The official cygport is still missing some of my patches from ten months ago. I'll send an updated version of cygport in a private message.

OTOH, if you have an idea how to solve the ALT + Cursor key problem....

No, nothing obvious. I'd just turn on some of the debugging in the main loop and see what happens to the keystrokes.


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