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Re: gcc 4.x for Cygwin?

Dave Korn wrote:

  Option 2.  I don't see there's any other sensible choice.  Ultimately I
guess I'd like to figure out a way to make unwinding and exceptions interwork
with the native SEH to address the potential downside.

(1) There was supposed to be a Google Summer of Code project addressing SEH in gcc. It was listed as an "accepted project" here:
But nothing seems to have actually happened, to judge by

(2) Curious: does using a -dw2 compiler work when linking against code that was compiled using an sjlj compiler? e.g. in a static library or in a shared library?

Like cygwin1.dll?

Or, because cygwin1.dll exposes a very C-ish (not C++-ish) interface, then what about other C++ libraries, such as xerces or ncurses++?

If the answers to the questions above are "bad", then is the (official, non-experimental) release of a gcc-4.x-dw2 compiler something that should wait until cygwin-1.7, with all of the backward-incompatibility he** implied by "bad" answers?


P.S. sorry for the delay in responding. I've been effectively offline for several weeks (work+family).

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