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Re: accessibility issues with setup.exe for cygwin

On Dec 15, 2007 10:26 AM, Nick Gawronski <> wrote:
> Hi, I am trying to install everything in the cygwin distrobution accept the
> X packages.  I however use a screen reader as I am totally blind.  The setup
> program is not the best accessible with any screen readers.  I have also
> heard reports from other blind people who have had problems installing
> cygwin using this program. has great
> information on how to make windows programs like setup.exe more accessible
> to everyone.  It would really be nice if the setup program for cygwin was
> made more user friendly as with the current setup all I get is a base system
> and with that I can't do much.  It would also be nice if an automatic
> updater was written for those of us who like to get the most updated
> packages and security updates.

Hello Nick,

I can't help you with making setup.exe more accessible, but I thought
you'd like to know that when you run setup.exe and step through the
defaults, it will automatically select the newest versions of any
cygwin apps you have installed.

So, if you ran setup.exe and installed a base system then ran
setup.exe a month later without making any changes to the selections,
it would update your applications for you.


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