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Re: [ITA] inetutils-1.5-1

On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 10:07:31PM -0500, Charles Wilson wrote:
> Anyway, here's the setup.hint (which is causing such problems):
> sdesc: "Common networking clients and servers"
> ldesc: "inetutils provides common networking clients and
> servers, including the inetd super-server, telnetd and
> telnet, ftpd and ftp, rshd and rsh, rlogind and rlogin,
> talkd and talk, tftpd and tftp, rexecd (but no rexec),
> uucpd (but no uucp client), rcp, and syslogd.
> Most of these utilities are security nightmares, dating
> from a time when the internet was a more innocent place.
> It is NOT recommended that you enable or use ANY of these
> utilities -- except inetd and syslogd -- unless you have
> a VERY good reason.  Please consider using ssh and sshd
> from the 'openssh' package instead of telnet and the r*
> tools"
> category: Net
> requires: cygwin terminfo
> curr: 1.3.2-37
> test: 1.5-1

I doubt that this is the problem but you are making your ldesc's too
wordy.  It should just be a couple of sentences, not an advertisement
for or against the use of the package.


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