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Re: [RFU] gnupg-1.4.8-1

>>>>> Gergely Budai writes:

    >> Builds fine from source, passes all tests  but
    >> /usr/share/man/man1/ should be /usr/share/man/ru/man1/gpg.1.gz

    > I will change it.

    >> and requires in setup.hint should be:
    >> cygwin libbz2_1 libcurl4 libiconv2 libintl8 libopenldap2_3_0 libreadline6
    >> libusb-win32 minires zlib

    > Hm. How did you determined those packets?
    > I have used cygcheck on all binaries.
    > Is there a better method?

Yes, use cygport dep

or something like

find . -name "*.exe" -o -name "*.dll" -o -name '*.bin' -o -name '*.so'| xargs -r cygcheck | \
	sed -ne '/^  [^ ]/ s,\\,/,gp' | sort -bu | \
	xargs -r -n1 cygpath -u | xargs -r cygcheck -f | sed 's%^%  %' | sort -u ; \

below the install directory.        

    >> I would also recommend the cygport framework instead of the g-b-s
    >> approach for packaging.

    > Oh. I will go for it.
    > Maybe someone could change the page: to mention this method too. There are two approaches mentioned there, and none of them is the cygport one.

Yes please. I would even discourage from using the two 'old' methods,
except for very special cases.


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