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Re: [ITP] csih-0.1-1

Charles Wilson schrieb:
cygwin-service-installation-helper provides a library of shell functions that can be used by other cygwin packages that provide servers and daemons.

Usually, these other packages also ship with installation or configuration scripts (such as: ssh-host-config, iu-config, cron-config, etc). These installation scripts have similar requirements, and can benefit from delegating common tasks to a common library. Like csih!

I have notices that some of the *-config scripts mentioned above are posix-shell (#!/bin/sh) compliant. csih is not; it uses many bash-isms, so any -config script that uses its facilities must be a #!/bin/bash script.

This package basically consists of a single file: /usr/share/csih/ whose contents are derived from many sources:

  ssh-host-config from the openssh package
  cron-config from the cron package
  exim-config from the exim package
  iu-config and syslogd-config from the inetutils package
  cygport from the cygport package

You can inspect the library without downloading and unpacking the tarballs using this link:

Changes relative to the initial version posted here

1) documentation throughout
2) tested pretty heavily, but only on my (XP) system
3) renamed all functions to 'csih_WHATEVER'
4) use 'cyg_server' instead of 'cygwin_svc' as requested by Pierre
5) also look for sshd_server and cron_server
6) assimilated many functions from cron-config and exim-config
7) added debug and trace functions
8) added ability to suppress 'color', so that setup.log doesn't get cluttered with escape sequences

9) re-wrote inetutils' iu-config and syslogd-config to use this library. See:

This is still very preliminary, and patches, comments, and suggestions are both welcome and solicited.

Packages here:

Thanks, will be considered for the next postgresql package. -- Reini Urban

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