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Re: [HEADSUP] Let's start a Cygwin 1.7 release area

Christopher Faylor wrote:
Since most of what I did was automated, I probably ended up deleting too
much.  Please take a look at the package directories that you maintain
and verify that the release-2 directory contains something that makes

If we find a problem, how should we fix it? For instance, release(1) inetutils has prev: 1.3.2-37, curr: 1.3.2-40, and test: 1.5-3. release-2 has only 1.5-3, but its setup still specified that 1.5-3 is test (it also specifies the non-existant 1.3.2-40 and 1.3.2-37 packages as curr: and prev:, respectively).

I'm not ready to make inetutils-1.5-3 curr: on the release(1) side. However, since ALL of release-2 is test:, I could see doing any of the following:

(1) copy over the 1.3.2-40 packages, and remove the prev: entry from setup.hint

(2) change the release-2 setup.hint so that on "that side", inetutils-1.5-3 becomes curr: (and remove all references in setup.hint to the "missing" packages).

(3) change the release-2 setup.hint by removing all references to the "missing" packages, but otherwise leave things along. That is, on the release-2 side, "inetutils" would ONLY be available as a test release, until I manually promote 1.5-3.

But I'm not really sure how union fs works. Can I edit setup.hint in place? Can I "copy" back the "missing" files, or is there some special procedure that makes them "re-appear"?


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