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Re: [HEADSUP] Let's start a Cygwin 1.7 release area

Brian Dessent wrote:
P?teris K?avi?Å wrote:

So that when you run setup it can start out with the same root that you
last used so that you don't have to type it in every time.

That, and also so that the native tools like cygcheck can locate the
root dir.

So why can't the registry entry be <path-to-dll> instead of the fixed 'setup\rootdir' in order that the setup application could populate a drop-down list of all currently installed Cygwins?

This will be a minor problem in that if you had two installs,
both cygchecks will think the root is the last one that you updated with
setup.  Corinna, perhaps cygcheck needs to compute the root relative to
its location like the DLL instead.  This means cygcheck will always have
to be in /bin, but I think that's fine; it's not like it has ever been
anywhere else.

Maybe all cyg*.exe native Windows applications could use this same algorithm to compute their root.

Manually moving an installed cygwin tree would be a silly thing to do,
it would break all your services for example.

Would this problem go away if cygrunsrv.exe used the same algorithm to compute its root?

Anyway, if someone were
silly enough to do that they would just need to enter the new location
in setup; but this will be the case whether or not setup remembers its
last install root, so I don't see how this is pertinent.

I have (finally) started using an environment where I share all my personal files on a separate disk drive accessible from all my bootable operating systems, whether it's Vista, WS2008, or Debian. The drive names (and mount points) vary. It's the same as moving install trees, and it would be nice if Cygwin didn't really care that when I started the services this time they were started from a different location than last time.

[In any case, Brian, I appreciate your time in answering my off-beat questions and realise that they aren't 'core' to the business of getting Cygwin to work. Sooner or later I'll put together the correct build environment, something which has eluded me as yet, to produce some diff's of ideas I have, rather than just talk about them.]
Peter Klavins

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