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Re: [HEADSUP] Let's start a Cygwin 1.7 release area

Brian Dessent wrote:
So why can't the registry entry be <path-to-dll> instead of the fixed
'setup\rootdir' in order that the setup application could populate a
drop-down list of all currently installed Cygwins?

It could.

Excellent. I second your suggestion. :-)

But I think Chuck made a good point that the ability to have
multiple installed copies extends to what you might call "expert users",
i.e. they must know the ins and outs of not actually ever using these
two installs at once.  And so we need to be careful not to give the
impression that this is supposed to work in the general case.

Sigh. Yes I read Chuck's clear denouncement that there is any whisper of there being a goal to support multiple Cygwin DLL's running simultaneously. However, that doesn't stop me from lobbying for setting up such a goal, and having a <path-to-dll> registry entry for the Cygwin DLL would be a step towards it, even if in the short term there was only one such path allowed in the registry, i.e., subsequent Cygwin setups would remove the previous path and replace it with the current user's
choice, if it was different.
Peter Klavins

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