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Re: [HEADSUP] Maintainers, please switch to Cygwin 1.7

Andrew Schulman wrote:

> I've been running 1.5 alongside of 1.7 as needed for testing, with no
> compatibility problems.

Me too. I had a few issues with side-by-side installs early on; gave up
and ran 1.7 inside a VM for a while, but since mid-December returned to
the side-by-side setup. Since then, very few worries.

> I expect to release a few more final package updates for 1.5, then pack it away.

That's my plan, as well: I'll update each of my existing packages one
final time for 1.5, usually with a simultaneous release for 1.7. All
future updates will then be 1.7-only.

However, I've been stalled for the last month or six weeks.  All of my
cygwin-available time has been going into libtool and related efforts
(dlltool/binutils). My queue of un-reviewed libtool patches awaiting
acceptance is getting unmanageably long, so I'm pretty close to just
punting on getting "official" acceptance and bundling a cygwin-only
release with those changes incorporated. 8-P


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