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GCC4 status.

  Quick progress report.

-  GNAT EH failures fixed.
-  Fixed GIJ (and libjvm) shared builds.
-  Packaging adjusted as per previous discussions.
-  New-and-final release of 3.3.3 to introduce suffixed executables and
alternatives symlinks built, now regtesting.

  Final steps now underway:

-  Add alternatives usage to gcc-4 packaging.
-  Add fix for DLL rebasing problem.
-  Final build and regtest 4.3.2 compiler and check new packaging works.
-  Check new packaging works right for 3.3.3 compiler.

  Immediately after native 4.3.2-2 released:

-  Adding i686-pc-mingw32 cross compiler build to gcc-4 cygport file (already
under way, last build failed with "libgomp needs pthreads" error - need to get
myself win32-pthreads for MinGW, I think).
-  Minor hacks to package generation for mingw x-compiler.
-  Build, regtest, package test and upload.

  (Then I'll start work on 4.5.0 upstream; I want to get upstream gcc using
DW2 EH by default, fix weak symbol handling, and we'll see about those foreign


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