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Re: GCC4 status.

Dave Korn wrote:

> -  New-and-final release of 3.3.3 to introduce suffixed executables and

  Dur.  I mean 3.4.4.

> alternatives symlinks built, now regtesting.

  BTW, I've chosen a release number of 3.4.4-999 for this, because I felt like
no other version number says "End of the line" quite so well.  I needed to
skip at least one version number because I used 3.4.4-4 for a custom build
that had some patches not suitable for upstream release, and I don't want to
have conflicting identically numbered versions floating around out there.  (If
there's going to be a technical problem with that, please let me know and I'll
respin it, but I'd rather not do so for merely cosmetic bikeshed reasons.)

  The plan is to make this the last ever release on 1.5, and the last ever
release of 3.3.3 (punting it into status as a legacy compiler), and hopefully
the final experimental release of gcc 4.  It'll introduce alternatives usage
so that the old 3 and new 4 can be side-by-side installed with either one the
default when you don't specify, and I'd like to release them ASAP.

  I'll then have a bit of time to get the mingw cross working while people
play with the DLLs and shake out any bugs, and assuming nothing massive crops
up I'll rapidly spin an upgrade to the new 4.3.3 and take it out of
experimental status, so it becomes the default 1.7 compiler.


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