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Re: [ITP] mingw-w64

On 3 July 2010 03:07, Charles Wilson wrote:
>> Is mingw64 already part of a major Linux distribution? Otherwise it
>> needs five votes from Cygwin maintainers.
> AFAICT, mingw64 is "the" mingw cross compiler provided by fedora.


>> Finally, I'm not sure what the conclusion was about which toolchain(s)
>> will be included. Looks like a single multilib toolchain defaulting to
>> 64 bits to me. If that's the case, is the "tc64" bit in the name
>> actually needed?
> IMO, even if JonY has no *immediate* plans for a default-to-32bit
> toolchain (whether multilib or single target), I think it makes sense to
> allow for the possibility in the package naming scheme.
> And...JonY already said he was "saving" the /i686-w64-mingw32/* tree for
> use by "the" default-to-32bit toolchain, so...

What's the use case for having two multilib toolchains instead of
either two standalone ones or a single multilib toolchain? Is it worth
the extra packaging effort, and, more importantly, the extra scope for
user confusion (particularly once the original MinGW is thrown into
the mix as well)?

Regarding the placement in /opt/mingw64, how do the Linux
distributions deal with the problems that lead to that decision? I
think this needs to be considered carefully because it sets a
precedent for any other cross-compiler packages.


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