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Re: [ITP] mingw-w64

On 7/4/2010 12:26 AM, Andy Koppe wrote:
> I'd be termpted to go with two single-target compilers, but as long as
> the mingw64 guys are happy to deal with two multilib ones long term, I
> guess that's ok.

Yeah, like I told NightStrike: as for this particular decision, whatever
JonY is happy with, I'm happy with.

>> While we should probably take hints from other platforms, cygwin is not
>> linux.  If we have different predicates -- and we do -- then we will
>> reach different conclusions. And that's ok.
> Of course, but diverging does increase the likelihood of complaints.
> Yet if it can't be done the "standard" way, I guess we'll just have to
> deal with it. One thing that might come up in this context is that
> C:\cygwin\bin will need to be in the PATH when invoking the compilers
> from Windows programs, e.g. Eclipse.

Yes, I thought about that in particular.  But...many times (at least
with open source packages), people use Eclipse with makefile projects
(rather than projects which use the "internal builder").  And, in that
case -- then they already need to have make.exe and $SHELL in $PATH, so
for that large category of users it is a moot point.

> Thanks to JonY and yourself for putting all this work in.

Eh, it's 99.873% JonY.


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