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Re: [ITP] mingw-w64

On Sun, Jul 4, 2010 at 12:26 AM, Andy Koppe <> wrote:
>> PERHAPS it makes the most sense to provide two single-target compilers
>> (but most of the interop issues would remain; the only simplification
>> would be the elimination of any packages that are explicitly
>> "mingw64-{tc64}-m32-foo" or "mingw64-{tc64}-m64-foo", in favor of one
>> that is just "mingw64-tc64-foo".
>> OTOH, I understand the mingw64 guys want to ensure that the multilib
>> support they've added to gcc/w32 stays in good working order, so they
>> probably prefer to provide multilib regardless of any minor packaging
>> confusion.
> I'd be termpted to go with two single-target compilers, but as long as
> the mingw64 guys are happy to deal with two multilib ones long term, I
> guess that's ok.

I personally would prefer two single-target compilers, from a
user-perspective.  I find that it just plain works better with
autotools and other stuff, and the -mXX options are really only useful
when doing a quick "gcc a.c -m64" manual compile (which few large
projects use).  This is purely me and my own preferences.

As an admin of mingw-w64, however, I can definitely say that we need
the multilib toolchains to get as much exposure as possible to keep
them working well.  So, I throw my own personal choices out the window
and defer to what's best for our project :) :)  (Cal me biased :)

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