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Re: [ITP] mingw-w64

On 7/6/2010 09:33, JonY wrote:
On 7/6/2010 01:38, Charles Wilson wrote:
OK, a bit further along. With the recently posted patch to cygport:

AND the attached patch to your .cygport script, I get a bit further with
the install step. It completes without error (but I still have the
warning about the missing cygwin-specific README file, of course).

However, the DLLs don't appear to be in the correct locations.


Now, the DLLs buried down in the 4.6.0/ directory I can see (it appears
to be a mistake, but that IS where they "normally" go...even if we
choose to put them in toplevel bin32 and bin64 dirs instead.) It looks
like the cygport is missing some 'mv' commands.

But how the heck did libobjc-2.dll get into the "regular" bin/ dir? And
why is there only one version of it?


I had a thinko, thanks for the patch. Yeah, cygport moves the libtool
dlls around.

I will recheck on the README file and libobjc-2, I thought I patched up
the configure file.

Alright, I repackaged binutils to add the /etc/profile.d scripts and repackaged gcc to get rid of the wrongly installed objc dll.

With the new libtool restrict, no more moving needed. I can also confirm that libobjc-2.dll goes into bin32 and bin64 on cygport install.

No changes to pthreads, crt and headers.

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