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Re: [ITP] libkate - Karaoke codec

On Tue, 2010-07-06 at 11:19 -0700, David Rothenberger wrote:
> I'd like to package libkate[1] in preparation for packaging the
> newest version of vorbis-tools.
> libkate is included in Fedora[2].

Looks good to me.  FYI, instead of the custom src_install() to remove
KateDJ, you could define the following after *_CONTENTS:

PKG_IGNORE="usr/bin/KateDJ usr/lib/python*/ usr/share/man/man1/KateDJ*"

That will remove the missing file warnings during the packaging stage,
and later when wxPython is available you just change PKG_IGNORE to

> libkate is currently part of Cygwin Ports[3]. Cygwin Ports also
> includes KateDJ, a Python application. Unforunately, that requires
> python-wx2.8, which is not available outside of Cygwin Ports. So,
> I've not packaged KateDJ.

For now this is correct, although I ought to ITP wxWidgets/wxPython

> I did bump the version so it's one higher than Cygwin Ports. Yaakov,
> is this the right thing to do?

Yes, and I will remove this from Ports; I don't particularly care about

BTW, we still need libtheora as a prereq to GStreamer; since you already
have the rest of the packages, would you be willing to ITP that
as well?  Feel free to take from Ports:


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