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gcc4: next release


Can I ask what will be the next version of GCC be in Cygwin?

I'm working on the mingw-w64 GCC package on Cygwin. Normally, anything cygwin gets installed to /usr, however, with gcc 4.6, the locales data clashes.

Charles suggested installing to /opt/mingw64, this doesn't fit well with the cygwin model, but no clashes there. This allows mingw-w64 GCC version to be independent of Cygwin's.

Yaakov suggested installing to /usr, but there are some problems with it.

This makes GCC look in /usr/mingw regardless of what the toolchain target is (anything matching mingw*), bad idea if we want a gcc 4 cross toolchain later. It can be fixed, but I'm not too sure how yet. Locale data is also conflicting. Yaakov suggested that I sync up with Cygwin GCC so the clash won't be so problematic, eg 4.5.0 Cygwin with 4.5.1 branch snapshot for mingw-w64.

GCC 4.5.x branch and the 4.6.x branch ABI changed for win64, I'm trying to avoid breaking user's self-built packages, so 4.5.0 and earlier is out of the question. The current 4.3.4 is too old for mingw-w64.

I'll be absent for about a week starting tomorrow, so no need to hurry in replying.

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