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Re: gcc4: next release

On Wed, 2010-07-07 at 08:58 -0400, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> Unfortunately, it sounds like we've stepped into the middle of a dispute
> between the mingw folks and the mingw64 folks.  Maybe the best thing for
> us to do would be to decide to use only one or the other but not both.

It does seem that there is a debate -- but I'm not part of it.  My only
involvement with either the last few days is fixing cygport for
cross-compilers and cross-compiling.

That being said, I see the technical arguments for allowing both
toolchains (provided someone steps up and packages a version). software is still widespread, and as JonY mentioned they
are not fully compatible.  OTOH mingw-w64, besided providing the only
64bit option, also has certain advantages which warrant a 32bit version
as well.

Here's my question, though: given the incompatibilities mentioned, would
a cygwin1.dll built with i686-w64-cygwin (mingw-w64) toolchain be 100%
compatible with current and past releases built with i686-pc-cygwin
( toolchain?  If not, then we need both.


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