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Re: [ITP] mingw-w64

On 06/07/2010 16:59, JonY wrote:
> On 7/6/2010 23:36, Charles Wilson wrote:

>> I found the problem: is patched, but there's no mechanism
>> to ensure that the corresponding change to configure is included in the
>> patch (by default, cygport *assumes* you will run autoreconf, and so
>> explicitly excludes configure, (for automake projects), etc
>> from the diff.)
>> Now, in this case you do NOT want to run autoreconf. The gcc codebase
>> requires "careful handling" if you want to update the auto* generated
>> files; autoreconf is not smart enough.

  I haven't really checked, but I think that may no longer be true since the
upgrade to 2.64/1.11.1.

> I did this too with the libstdc++-v3, libgomp and etc, but only
> libobjc-2 is having trouble?
>> So, there are a couple of ways around this. All are pretty ugly.
>> Perhaps the simplest is an extra command in src_build:
>> (cd ${S}/libobjc && autoconf)
>> to just force the end user to "fixup" THAT configure script only,
>> without mucking with any other auto* generated files.

  If you look at the distro gcc4 cygport, you'll see it carefully does just
the necessary amount of autoconfing and automakeing.  (But that may no longer
be necessary, as I mentioned above.)

>> Another option (one that I've had to use on occasion) is to give up on
>> letting cygport handle the patch generation for .src.patch. What you do,
>> is you just don't HAVE a .src.patch. Instead, you make your OWN patch,
>> ensure it contains all the files you want to include, like
>> libobjc/configure, and name that patch ANYTHING but ${P}.src.patch.
>> Then, add this to your cygport:
>> PATCH_URI="the-name-of-my-custom-patch"

  I'm switching to this approach for gcc-4.5.0-1, anyway.


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