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Re: RFC: cygport cross-compiling APIs

On Tue, 2010-07-13 at 03:53 -0400, Charles Wilson wrote:
> There is an "add-on" component that can be treated as part of the
> mingw64-crt-* build. You download it separately from reactos or wine, I
> don't remember, drop it in (a specific) place, and THEN configure and
> compile.
> Anyway, I wonder if the "missing" files are expected as part of this add-on?

There's mingw-w64-headers/ddk/readme.txt, which says the original
sources are from ReactOS, but no indication that there is anything else
to download.  I'll try to bring it up on #mingw-w64.

> Oddly, I'm not at all sure that the native gcc-4.5.0 is
> identical to the cross-built one generated by this script.  For
> instance, the cross script ensures that the target libs are built using
> -mms-bitfields. It's not clear to me that the native one does that,
> unless it happens automatically.
> So...they (may) have their own issues, in that regard...

AFAIK -mms-bitfields is (was?) not automatic; GNOME libraries go through
great pains to add it to CFLAGS for mingw* hosts for that reason.


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