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Re: [ITP] gendef-20100719-1

On 7/19/2010 4:51 AM, JonY wrote:

+1 on concept, but package not GTG.

I couldn't rebuild from src, because the .cygport seems to think that libmangle should already installed (and, according to your second message in the ITP: libmangle thread, libmangle *should* be included in /this/ build, instead).

checking for libmangle.h... no
configure: error: libmangle enabled, but the header is not usable.
configure: error: /usr/src/devel/mingw64/gendef/gendef-20100719-1/src/mingw-w64-trunk-20100719/mingw-w64-tools/gendef/configure failed for mingw-w64-tools/gendef
*** ERROR: configure failed

Maybe the "updated" -src package doesn't include the latest .cygport?

This change fixed it:

-CYGCONF_ARGS="--without-headers --without-crt --with-tools=gendef --with-libraries=libmangle --with-mangle=/usr"
+CYGCONF_ARGS="--without-headers --without-crt --with-tools=gendef --with-libraries=libmangle"

A few other minor points:

1) Once the issue above is resolved, you can probably remove this line from the cygwin-specific README:

Build requirements:

(and, it should have been 'libmangle-devel' anyway).

2) You're downloading a LOT of stuff that you don't actually build. The .tar.xz for mingw-w64-tools is 117K and mingw-w64-libraries can't be much bigger, but the whole snapshot you are using is 4.2M. This slows down a lot of stuff, like the prep, cygautoreconf, and mkpatch steps.

I tried to figure out get just the source you need via 'inherit svn' -- but had to give up, since you want two *separate* subdirectories of the top-level (mingw-w64-tools and mingw-w64-libraries), and perhaps the top-level files, but you wouldn't want to recurse into the OTHER subdirs of top-level. Yuck.

cygport just can't handle that, so I guess we're stuck...

-- Chuck

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