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Re: cygport cross-compiling beta1

On 20/07/2010 06:26, Charles Wilson wrote:
> On 7/19/2010 9:55 PM, JonY wrote:
>>> With NLS you will still have at least partial translations, which is
>>> better than nothing, no?
>> How about setting up --with-localedir to somewhere version or target
>> specific?
> There isn't a '--with-localedir' option.  But...there IS a --localedir
> one.  How did I miss that?
> There's still one issue that Yaakov brought up; it's not clear that
> libintl will actually USE the correct version of the locale files...but
> some experimentation should answer that question.

  libintl looks in whatever localedir arg you pass to the bindtextdomain
function at startup.  In GCC, that's LOCALEDIR which is correctly passed in
from $(localedir) in the Makefile.  So, it ought to work just fine.

>>>>     (also, --disable-werror,  and language Ada)
>>> Just hadn't bothered with Ada, that's all.
>> Cygwin gcc needs to be bumped to around 4.5.0 to build it. Its stated
>> somewhere in the GCC docs that you'll need the same version of gcc to
>> build cross ADA.
> Yep, that's why it's on DaveK's plate.  He'll probably keep the cygwin
> native compiler and the cross compiler in sync.

  I just couldn't get frankenAda to build any more at 4.5.0, so I'm aiming at
fully cygwinising the language port.  However in 4.5.0-1 Ada will be
regressed, it'll take me until 4.5.0-2 to get it fixed up.

> crash. (If you link with shared libgcc/libstdc++, you're ok).

  Hence why I don't use that option in the Cygwin C++ ABI.  For us shared
linking is the default.


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