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Re: [ITP] gendef-20100719-1

On 7/27/2010 08:28, Charles Wilson wrote:
On 7/26/2010 7:48 PM, JonY wrote:
its due in part to cygport's inherit svn template.

Not exactly.

IMHO either cygport shpuld be fixed to use "-" instead of "~" or setup should be fixed to handle "~" in filenames.

setup uses whatever you use when you name the .cygport file.

I did this:

mv gendef-1.0~svn2931-1.cygport       gendef-1.0_svn2931-2.cygport
mv gendef-1.0~svn2931-1.cygwin.patch  gendef-1.0_svn2931-2.cygwin.patch
mv gendef-1.0~svn2931-1.src.patch     gendef-1.0_svn2931-2.src.patch

cygport ./gendef-1.0_svn2931-2.cygport get
cygport ./gendef-1.0_svn2931-2.cygport all

and it behaved exactly as you would expect.

I repeated the experiment with a hyphen rather than an underscore, and
that worked just fine, too.  All that appears to matter is that the
separator character between "1.0" and "svnNNNN" is not a digit or
decimal point. (For all I know, a decimal point would work too, but I'll
leave that as an exercise for the student...)

Oh, I didn't know that, I'll use _ from now on.

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