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Re: cygport cross-compiling beta2

On Wed, 2010-07-28 at 19:28 -0400, Charles Wilson wrote:
>  From Paolo's most recent version of his patches to provide sysroot 
> support in libtool:
> [RFT PATCH v3 3/9] add --with-sysroot
> 	Right now the default is to use a sysroot.  Probably it is
>          a bit too aggressive, especially because most existing
>          cross-compilation setups are using the wrong prefix that
>          includes the sysroot.  They would thus stop working until
>          they switched to --prefix and installing with DESTDIR.
> FYI, this patch series appears to work very well (there was one 
> remaining regression as of 3pm EDT today, but this most recent version 
> may have fixed that; I haven't checked).

I still think your previous concerns about the '=' notation are valid,
and I have yet to see those addressed.  Why is it necessary in the first

Furthermore, do these patches address the issue that -L$libdir and
-Wl,-rpath,$libdir are passed even when $libdir (or $sysroot$libdir) is
in $sys_lib_search_path_spec?  Besides causing erroneous -L flags
pointing to the native root, this currently leads to ELF RPATHs pointing
to the sysroot even when packages are configured with --prefix=$prefix.

> Ralf has promised a review this weekend, so I expect this series or 
> something close to it will be committed to libtool git master quite soon.

You're being surprisingly optimistic given their track record.  Sigh,
alright, I'll let this go a few more days, but I'd really like to get
this release out already so that we can move on to other things.


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