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Re: [patch/rebase] Add a rebase database to keep track of DLL addresses

On 7/7/2011 10:25 AM, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>> On Jul  6 15:35, Charles Wilson wrote:
>>> So every function
>>> has to check and handle illegal input -- or has to document why it
>>> doesn't need to do so
> Also, in embedded systems you tend to worry about space so adding
> defensive tests for impossible conditions wastes critical memory.
> (I work on embedded systems too and fight every day with people who
> think memory is cheap)

Hence "or document why". Now, maintaining all of that external
documentation or in-code commentary, in sync with the actual code
itself, costs lots of programmer time, but...that's the price you pay
for critical safety.  Never mind testing and test coverage analysis...)

But enough on this rabbit trail.  Corinna's patch is fine; we're just
waiting for Jason's ok -- then I can add whatever gloss is needed to
fixup on mingw/msys. (FYI, I'm coming up on some travel soon so may be


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