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Re: [patch/rebase] Add a rebase database to keep track of DLL addresses

On Jul 24 15:12, Charles Wilson wrote:
> Ok, here's round 2. I've omitted rebase-dump-related changes for now,
> other than moving the db typedefs to rebase-db.[h,c] (*).
> (*) There's a .c because we probably need to have IMG_INFO_MAGIC and
> IMG_INFO_VERSION tightly coupled with rebase-db.h.  So, since I already
> had the .c, I also moved the *_cmp() functions to rebase-db.[h,c].  It's
> possible load_image_info, save_image_info, and print_image_info could
> also be moved, but I think the needs of rebase.exe and rebase-dump.exe
> are different enough that I didn't bother right now.

Your patch looks good to me.  I don't think we need a round 3 since your
patch is basically unaffected by my change to load_image_info.

When you applied your patch, I'll move the entire db stuff into
rebase-db.c.  I'd suggest to rename the print_image_info function in
your db dumper to dump_image_info and put it into rebase-db.c as well.


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