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Re: SETUP: default to mintty

On 7/25/2011 7:41 PM, Chris Sutcliffe wrote:
> On 25 July 2011 16:18, Andy Koppe wrote:
>> Problem: the shortcuts have the classic Cygwin icon whereas the
>> resulting terminal window has the mintty (née Konsole) icon. Worse, on
>> Windows 7 at least, the Cygwin icon also appears in the taskbar. It
>> needs to be the same icon throughout.
>> That raises the obvious question: which one? I vote for mintty's, but
>> of course I'm biased. I don't think the classic Cygwin icon is fit for
>> purpose anymore, because of its jagged lines and because the black 'C'
>> is invisible on dark backgrounds.
> Could this be the rise of Chuck's Hippo.ico? :)

Nah, I agree with Andy (and cgf). IMO, there's no need for the "C" icon
'branding'.  Currently, the Hippo icon is used with run2's "To X or Not
To X" demo (that is, urxvt if X is running, mintty otherwise):

/usr/bin/ contains this:

mkshortcut --desc="Cygwin Terminal" \
  --icon="/usr/bin/cygicons-0.dll" \
  --iconoffset=10 \
  --arguments="--display ${XMLFILE}" \
  --name="CygShell" \

If people really want the big green C, it's in cygicons-0.dll with the


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