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Re: 256x256 px icons

Hi Warren, Hi Andy,

On Jul 28 06:50, Andy Koppe wrote:
> On 27 July 2011 22:11, Warren Young wrote:
> >
> That looks a lot better, thanks. Nice work removing the prompt. Did
> you go back to the original SVG to do that?
> > It also has the gray edges on the smaller icons instead of black, and
> > transparent corners in the 16x16.
> >
> > I had to remove the text, which makes the result not as clearly a terminal.
> >  At 256 and arguably at 48 px, you can figure out that it might be a
> > terminal, especially if you've seen the icon in its previous incarnation.
> >  At 32 px and below, I challenge anyone to honestly tell me that there is
> > any sense of "terminal" left in this version.
> Fair point.

Indeed.  There's also the problem that the Cygwin C is harder to
recognize on the dark grey background the smaller the icon gets.
Compared to the original mintty icon, the left and right sides of
the terminal frame gets harder to recognize, too, the smaller the
icon gets.  I think that's a result of using more low-key shades
of grey.  Alternatively I just need glasses.

> > One could make an argument for going back to the plain old Konsole icon.
> >  Maybe one icon cannot serve two masters.
> Just to be clear: I'd be happy with the modernized Cygwin icon too. I
> still prefer both that and the Konsole icon over the combined one
> (even ignoring the issue with the non-transparent border).
> Thanks again for putting in this effort to have something tangible to
> compare with.

I fall in with the thanks.  It looks like a terminal frame and the
Cygwin C are no good companions, icon-wise.

It seems that black was a bad choice for the Cygwin C.  I have a rather
dark background on my W7 32bit test machine.  It doesn't matter if I
use the original icon or the fatbuttlarry icon, both are hard to see,
except for the green wedge.  And the (much too) big shortcut overlays
don't help either.



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