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Re: 256x256 px icons

Collecting all Corinna reply answers here:

On 7/28/2011 3:08 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
It seems that black was a bad choice for the Cygwin C.

Is there a reason we cannot change it now? I don't see that Red Hat has filed a US trademark on the logo. Even if they had, it's usually better to file without reference to color. Ref:

Is the new color scheme on just someone's disconnected idea, or is it part of the product's current identity? Perhaps green and black is dÃmodÃ?

the longer I see the 48x48 icon on my desctop, the more I like

You mean the second version, with the bright Cygwin logo alone in the terminal window, rather than the original "with text" composite?

We can mix-and-match. We could go for a lone Konsole icon for the smaller sizes and add the Cygwin C only at larger sizes, for example. That's one of the freedoms you buy when you include multiple sizes in a single icon file.

At the largest size, we'd have enough resolution to add some text back in. Imagine a green glass tty look with, say, autoconf output, scaled for a proper 80x25 grid?

The lighter the terminal background gets, the less it's recognized
as a terminal background.


The only reason to do that is to improve contrast, and as you point out, changing the foreground brightness instead also accomplishes that.

What if the green glow around the black C glows a bit more?

Totally doable. The main limit is taste, not tech.

What if the green glow is replaced with a pretty light grey glow, just
to help distinguishing the C from the background?

Yes. You also have choices of mattes, strokes, bevels, etc.

I'm also a fair hand with 3D, which gets you specular highlights, shadows and suchlike, which can help a logo pop off a dark background.

Is there official vector logo art I can use? I can do my own tracing, but if there's something official, I'd rather start from that.

It would probably be easier if I could handle gimp better

Let me handle this, ma'am. I'm a trained professional. >:)

(One of my day job hats is graphics-monkey-by-default, 2D since 1995, 3D since 2007.)

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