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Re: [ITP] win-ssh-agent 1.07

Sorry for my broken mail. I send it again by other mailer.

2011/11/4 Corinna Vinschen:
> On Nov  4 15:37, Nayuta Taga wrote:
>> (1) I want to use it because the cygwin emacs does not have its own
>>     windows.  The cygwin emacs works only in the terminal.
> Try xemacs.  It has a Windows GUI fallback mode if there's no X display.

It's nice! I'll try it.

>> (2) I want to run it from the start menu or the Windows 7's task bar
>>     (not from the cygwin bash shell).  It is the window's style to run
>>     applications.
> You can start it from the start menu via a bash script which pulls in
> the SSH_* environment before starting emacs.

Yes, I can.

2011/11/4 Eric Blake:
>>>>> With the win-ssh-agent, we can use the ssh-agent (available inthe
>>>>> cygwin openssh) in the more smart way.
>>>>> Normally, we need to start all relevant programs, which mightneed to
> I'm not sure why your mail came through so garbled, but the large number of
> missing spaces in your message distracts from your attempt to appear
> professional in offering a package.

I'm sorry for missing spaces. I don't know why this happened ...

>> (3) I want to use the tramp ( ) in the
>>     ntemacs.  With it, I can treat documents on the remote machine
>>     as if they are on the local machine by:
>>            C-x C-f /sshx:username<at>hostname:~/remote-file
> Have you tried using the emacs that ships with cygwin?  It includes
> tramp.elc already built in, without needing a separate download.

The URL is just a information for someone who are not familiar with
the tramp.  I didn't download it from there.

> Unless you can give an example where an app in the cygwin distro would be
> benefitted by adding a gui front-end to setting up the ssh-agent, and why
> existing mechanisms of starting any cygwin app via a simple shell script
> wrapper that attaches to $HOME/.keychain/${HOSTNAME}-sh if already present,
> then I don't see why the cygwin distro needs win-ssh-agent. I'm not saying
> that win-ssh-agent is bad (on the contrary, it does seem to help your use
> case of ntemacs), just that since your primary use case demonstration was as
> a stand-alone app for helping other non-cygwin apps, and not something that
> fills a void for interaction with existing cygwin apps.

Ok.  I understand why win-ssh-agent should be distributed separately
from the cygwin's distro.

Thanks for your valuable feedback.  I withdraw this ITP.
Nayuta Taga

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