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Fwd: libgc bug when using Gnu C nested functions

>> Years ago I became maintainer of libgc only in order to get w3m
>> working. And unfortunately I have not kept it current with the
>> upstream libgc. Several newer versions back it was causing w3m to
>> throw errors in my dev environment so I didn't proceed at that time.
>> I'll either attempt to upgrade or seek a new maintainer, which might
>> take a bit of time, my apologies!
> >Bob

> Great, thanks. I'm glad to know it's not a mystery, because I
> imagine it would would have been quite a big one! I've found
> a mostly reasonable alternative to using glibc for now, so no
> hurry.
> --Glyn

Hi cygwin-apps,

Is anyone interested in taking over as maintainer of libgc and w3m?
libgc used cygports for its current version, w3m used g-b-s.

I suspect the libgc problem alluded to above (from the cygwin mailing
list) is just a version issue but I'm not sure.  I haven't been able
to use cygports successfully but that's more a problem with my
understanding of cygports than any specific libgc issues.


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