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Re: HEADSUP: Python 2.7 upgrade

I didn't see the discussion on the other list. Oh, well.

On 1/28/2013 11:35 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Jan 26 01:08, szgyg wrote:
On 1/24/2013 1:29 PM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
The size of the .reloc section in the file header does not indicate how
long the relocation information in the section actually is.  Usually the
section is larger than the actual relocation info.  The end of the
relocation info is indicated by a block header with a base offset of 0
and a sizeof of 0, let's call it the NULL block.

VirtualSize (offset 8 in section header) should be exact. There are no terminator zero block, but can be zero section padding. VirtualSize + padding = SizeOfRawData.

Are you implying that rebase (or better: the included imagehelper lib) is doing the right thing, or not? The size of the reloc section is taken from SizeOfRawData. Relocations::check checks if the data is within a valid section. I just don't see what it's doing wrong there.

This problem is unrelated to the segfault.

Relocations::relocate does a strange thing that works by accident. See this condition:

 &relocp->SizeOfBlock < (PDWORD) ((char *)relocs + size)
 && relocp->SizeOfBlock != 0;

After the last relocation block, the first half of the condition is false if we have 0 or 1 DWORD of padding, and the second half is false if the second DWORD of padding is 0. As paddings should be all zeros, this condition always terminates the loop, but I wouldn't write it in this way. A better form is something like
relocp < relocs + virtual_size

Relocations::fix is broken, but hopefully it doesn't run on dlls not created by dllwrap. It should set VirtualSize and zero out the remaining part of .reloc. Right now it leaves a .reloc with an invalid, 0-size block and additional garbage.


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