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Re: Maintainers please weigh in on 64-bit Cygwin

Christopher Faylor writes:
> Have you considered the implications of having someone else do your
> packages?  That means potentially different setup.hint, potentially
> different versions and version-numbering schemes, and possible
> source-level patches which you have not touched.

My (maybe faulty) understanding is that 32bit and 64bit will be
completely separate distributions of Cygwin.  I'm not sure how much
value it has to try to synchronize them down to the level of version or
even release numbers; that sounds like a lot of extra coordination that
suddenly becomes necessary.  It would be certainly be more difficult
when there are different maintainers for the same package in the two
distributions, so if that sort of synchronization is a goal, then I
agree that the maintainer should usually be the same person for both

Only time will tell how many differences 64bit really triggers in terms
of extra patches and the like.  Seeing how much code still assumes
Cygwin == Win32 w/ POSIX this might be a bumpier ride than expected
(although I'm usually having good luck by simply throwing out the
Cygwin-specific code and take the Linux branch).

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