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Re: 64bit package: mined

On Apr  4 18:02, Thomas Wolff wrote:
> Am 30.03.2013 21:37, schrieb Corinna Vinschen:
> >Hi Thomas,
> >
> >On Mar 30 20:44, Thomas Wolff wrote:
> >>wget
> >>wget #
> >>is this needed? (identical to 32 bit source package)
> >Any chance you can update your package to use cygport for packaging,
> >Thomas?  It's really not that complicated.
> I'd been reluctant because I don't really see an advantage,
> especially for a package that is being developed under cygwin
> (meanwhile, used to be Solaris before) and includes all cygwin
> support files natively.
> I agree though it's much easier than other packaging systems, so I used your
> >Here's a matching cygport file:
> - thanks - as a starting point, and will switch with the next
> release. I find it somewhat bothersome, still, for a number of
> issues, also with other packages I tried to setup, and will post
> that to a separate thread.

Thank you.  I tried to outline the advantages here:

I saw only two problems with mined when creating the cygport file.  The
project neither uses autotools, nor cmake, nor does it support building
outside the source tree.  The downside is that you have to do the lndirs
shuffle, and that it's tricky to induce the flags necessary to build a
debuginfo package.  Maybe Yaakov knows what to add to the cygport file
to generate the debuginfo stuff automatically.


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