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[ITP] mingw64-x86_64-winpthreads 3.0b_svn5726-1

winpthreads is a pthreads implementation from mingw-w64. The ABI is
incompatible with pthreads-win32. One of the major differences is that
winpthreads uses scalar handles, so it is a bit more compatible to other
packages that assume int type handles.

I have successfully built the 64bit cross compiler for cygwin64. There
are no changes to the -1 release other than some .cygport modifications.

For now, I intend to push it to 64bit Cygwin only, once gcc 4.7 for the
32bit cygwin hits release, I will push it there too.

There are some files in the package that replaces some of the
mingw-w64-headers CRT headers, this is done on purpose. will
cygcheck/setup have any issues?

Since it is not in any major distros, I guess it will have to go through
a vote.


category: Devel
sdesc: "winpthreads for MinGW-w64 (64bit) toolchain"
ldesc: "winpthreads (pthreads) for MinGW-w64 (64bit) target."

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