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Re: [ITP] mingw64-x86_64-winpthreads 3.0b_svn5726-1

On Apr  7 17:47, JonY wrote:
> winpthreads is a pthreads implementation from mingw-w64. The ABI is
> incompatible with pthreads-win32. One of the major differences is that
> winpthreads uses scalar handles, so it is a bit more compatible to other
> packages that assume int type handles.
> I have successfully built the 64bit cross compiler for cygwin64. There
> are no changes to the -1 release other than some .cygport modifications.
> For now, I intend to push it to 64bit Cygwin only, once gcc 4.7 for the
> 32bit cygwin hits release, I will push it there too.
> There are some files in the package that replaces some of the
> mingw-w64-headers CRT headers, this is done on purpose. will
> cygcheck/setup have any issues?
> Since it is not in any major distros, I guess it will have to go through
> a vote.

Isn't that rather just a necessary library extensions to the cross
toolchain?  I'm not so sure we really need a vote here.  Feel free
to upload.

Btw., would you mind to release new 32 bit w32api headers and runtime?
The latest changes to include the intrinsics in kernel32.a were pretty
important fixes for the Cygwin toolchain I think.


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