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Re: GCC-4.7.2-2: Go/No-go?

On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 05:31:55PM +0200, Achim Gratz wrote:
>Dave Korn writes:
>>   I have a release of 4.7.2-2 ready to upload.  It fixes the dependencies back
>> to the 4.5.3-3 curr: version dependencies, makes TLS vars exported from DLLs
>> work and restores java and libffi.  I've also been running the testsuite over
>> the last few days and the results look quite reasonable.
>>   Yaakov thinks ( that
>> I shouldn't release it until I've integrated all his patches.
>>   I think ( that it's
>> worth uploading as a stop-gap to address the mentioned problems and
>> integrating Yaakov's patches for the next release.
>To me it sounds like it should be released to get the recompiles going,
>but then I don't really know what exactly is in the patches Yaakov were
>talking about and if maybe they'd trigger another round of rebuilds.

It isn't clear to me why we'd be spending days discussing this when
presumably the patches apply without too much effort.  Some of the
patches here:

look worthwhile to me.  If we're talking about only gcc 4.7 fixes then
it looks like we're only talking about five patches, none of them are to
source files, and none of them are very big.

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