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Re: Recent cygport and cygwin-specific READMEs [Was: Re: GCC-4.7.2-2: Go/No-go?]

On 2013-04-11 07:37, Charles Wilson wrote:
#1) Is it possible to also record cygwin-specific README content within
the cygport(5)? [1] If so, can you do more than one? (I'm thinking here
of inetutils, which has a separate cygwin-specific README for the
-server (sub)package and for the -client (sub)package).

No, cygport(1) doesn't generate README content.

#2) Is it possible to use the auto-setup.hint-generator functionality
for multi-part package sets (e.g. which contain multiple separate
tarballs, in addition to -src and -debuginfo)? If so, how?

Yes; it just works, and also handles inter-subpackage dependencies (e.g. apps in foo will dep libfooX, and implibs in libfoo-devel will dep the corresponding DLL in libfooX). Just define CATEGORY/SUMMARY/DESCRIPTION (there are also subpackage-specific variants of these) and omit the hint files from $C; at the end of the package stage, cygport will show you the dependencies it computes for each package so you can check them. If there are undetectable deps (e.g. commands called by a script or fork(), or runtime data, etc.), then those can be added in [$subpackage]_REQUIRES.

#3) As I've been gone for a while, I might've missed recent changes: do
setup.exe and/or cygport support build dependencies directly in any way,
rather than the ad-hoc put-it-in-a-cygwin-README "technique" I've been
using 'til now?

See DEPEND in the cygport manual. (Yes, this is confusing now that REQUIRES exists for additional *runtime* dependencies. I'm thinking of renaming this to BUILDREQUIRES or the like, but for API compatibility DEPEND would still work.) These are checked at the beginning of the build step, and a warning issued if any are missing.


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